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If gardens create a desirable outdoor setting in an arid environment, and water is a limited resource . . .

Then, focus garden resources adjacent to the most commonly used outdoor spaces such as entries and patios for daily enjoyment, and the most efficient water use.

Locate the garden in the transition zone between the private part of the house and site, and the exposed public zone; half-hidden and half-exposed. Inhabitants may choose to spend time in the garden in seclusion, or closer to community interaction.

Manage roof rainwater and divert it to percolate through the garden.

Emphasize the properties of materials by placing them next to materials of contrasting texture or color.

Contour the site to direct water runoff to planted areas.

Outlying areas to be reseeded with native ground cover to survive on naturally occuring precipitation.

1.5 South Facing Outdoors

1.8 Positive Outdoor Space

1.12 Functional Landscaping

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