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If the building is intended to complement the site and harmonize with the larger setting...

Then, design a building form which echos the dominant directionality and shape of the surounding landforms.

Building massing should respect the visual and environmental context of its setting. A tall and narrow form may be appropriate for an urban lot; a low, horizontal shape looks more congruent on the prairie.

Expressive rooflines represent strong visual metaphors for the surrounding landscape.

Build below the crest of a hill to minimize visual impacts to the rest of the community.

Knit the building to the site through careful integration with the existing land contours.

Select colors, textures and materials that harmonize with both the natural and cultural environments.

1.1 Inhabit the Site

1.4 Climate Responsive Design

1.6 Sheltering Roof

1.7 Refuge and Outlook

1.10 Compose with Materials

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