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If access to the sun is important to make the best use of the site and positive outdoor space . . .

Then, bias the building location to the north of the site to accommodate outdoor activities in the sun.

Create positive outdoor spaces to take advantage of south sun.

1.1 Inhabit the Site

1.4 Climate Responsive Design

1.8 Positive Outdoor Space

1.9 Capturing Light

1.11 Focused Garden

Design window orientation to capture solar radiation in the winter months.

Locate decks, patios and garden areas on the south side of the building for year-round use.

Provide shade and partial shade opportunities so inhabitants can control their balance of sun and shade. These may include porches, roof overhangs, arbors and deciduous trees.

Locate drives and parking on south aspects to take advantage of solar snow and ice removal.

Position garage door openings and shop areas to the south to expand usable work space.

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