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If the roof is to establish the character of the building, and provide shelter from the elements . . .

Then, make the entire roof visible, with generous overhangs, and enclose living space within the volume of the roof.

The roof form symbolizes the concept of shelter. Dwell within the roof, rather than under it.

The roof should be experienced inside and out.

Let the roof plan grow from a simple shape.

Use overhangs to shade and protect windows and walls, and to define and shelter outdoor spaces.

Use naturally occurring high and low parts of the roof to compose interior space.

The roof design should respond to, and shed snow; place entries on gable ends; avoid north facing valleys.

1.2 Massing Echos Land Form

1.4 Climate Responsive Design

1.7 Refuge and Outlook

1.8 Positive Outdoor Space

1.9 Capturing Light

1.10 Compose with Materials

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